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How I attach wigs
glue for doll wigs

The glue I use for attaching wigs, is Selleys’ 'All Fix' - 'Sticks just about anything to anything' - dries white and can be cleaned up with water before it sets.

I have used the Selleys’ All Fix glue many times, and it has worked well and is easier to manage than solvent clean-up glues. If Selleys’ All Fix gets on something, it’s easier to remove - it’s water wash-off while wet. All Fix has provided the best bond to vinyl, of the glues I have tried so far. Available from Coles, Woolies, Bunnings etc.

Please note I make no claim to be an expert at applying wigs. The below technique works for me.

showercap used to protect wig while gluing


dolls body wig

If you want to make your own baby body, here are the approximate proportions:



I don’t use Genesis paint for eyebrows. I haven’t been able to get a decent colour. It always seems to go a funny colour when I cook it.

I lightly mark on the eyebrows in pencil following the ridge on the vinyl (for blonde eyebrows, don’t use a dark pencil). Then I lightly brush the hairs following the pencil lines. I go over the eyebrows 6 times with acrylic paint diluted with a little water mixed with glycerine (5 parts water to 1 part glycerine), alternating between the shades. After each sweep, I blot with a tissue and scrape with a pointy wooden toothpick to keep the hairs delicate.


How I attach eyelashes
doll eye lashes
  1. Before you pull the lashes off the packaging, dip a cotton bud in eucalyptus oil and paint along the adhesive on the lash strip (see arrow above).
    doll eye lashes – removing adhesive
    Let it soak for 5 minutes, then pull lash off the packaging. Paint a bit more eucalyptus oil on the adhesive then gently rub between fingers to remove adhesive. To get the eucalyptus oil off, press several times between a tissue.
  2. After all the eucalyptus oil has evaporated, paint a thin strip of water-based clear drying craft glue or Aquadhere, on the edge of the eyelash, or between the eyeball and the vinyl eyelid, or both. Completely remove, any glue that has inadvertently got on the wrong place, with a damp cotton bud.
  3. Carefully push lashes between eyeball and eyelid with a metal nailfile or an eyelasher (plastic tweezers with a curved plate on the end to hold the eyelash in a curved position). It is easy to scratch the eyeball, if using a nailfile. Be very careful!!! Don’t push the lashes up too far or the lashes won’t sit correctly. Push them as far as they will go before the angle of the eyelash is wrong.
  4. Remove thoroughly any glue on eyeball with damp paintbrush or cotton bud.
  5. When the glue is dry, I like to dip a very small paintbrush in ‘Royalcoat Dimensional Magic’ by Plaid and paint onto where the lashes meet the eyeball to give added adhesion. It is optional, but extremely effective at strengthening the eyelash join.

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