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How to measure and care for a doll wig

To measure for a wig

how to measure for a doll wig

Wrap the tape measure around the back of the doll’s head, bring it round above the ears and around the top of the forehead. This will give you the circumference of the doll’s head. The circumference of the head is the wig size. Wig measurements are usually in inches. Wigs are usually stretchy, so there is some flexibility in sizing.

How to care for a modacrylic or synthetic mohair wig

Brush gently and regularly to keep the dust out of your wig. A baby brush is good for a short style. For a complex style, a fan paint brush can be useful for brushing out the dust.

To wash a modacrylic (kankelon) or synthetic wig

Please note: Hot water can destroy a synthetic wig

If the wig lifts

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