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doll eyelashes
dolls  lashes

Dolls Eyelashes

17mm doll lashes
20mm doll lashes
24mm doll lashes
30-32mm doll lashes
15cm doll lash strips
20cm doll lash strips
Eyelasher Tool

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dolls lashes
dolls lashes

How I attach eyelashes

  1. If lashes have adhesive on them, remove adhesive by painting a line of eucalyptus oil along the adhesive, wait half a minute then carefully get adhesive off with fingers or cotton–bud. If left on, the adhesive can sometimes spoil the look – specially if there is a lot of adhesive. To get the eucalyptus oil off, press several times between a tissue.
  2. Paint a thin strip of water-based clear drying good quality craft glue, on the edge of the eyelash, or between the eyeball and the vinyl eyelid, or both. Remove any glue that has inadvertently got on the wrong place, with a damp cotton bud.
  3. Carefully push lashes between eyeball and eyelid with a metal nailfile or tool of choice. It is easy to scratch the eyeball, if using a nailfile. Be very careful!!! Don’t push the lashes up too far or the lashes won’t sit correctly. Push them as far as they will go before the angle of the eyelash is wrong.
  4. Remove thoroughly any glue on eyeball with damp paintbrush or cotton bud.
  5. When the glue is dry, some reborners like to coat the eyeball with a very thin coat of clear ‘Papier Glass Finish’ by Plaid. I don’t know the long term effect this will have on the eyes, but it looks very effective. Even if you don’t want to paint it all over the eye, it can be painted onto where the lashes meet the eyeball to give added adhesion. It is optional, but extremely effective at strengthening the eyelash join.
doll lashes

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