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doll eyes
dolls eyes
doll eyes
dolls eyes
dolls eyes
dolls eyes

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Doll Eyes

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How to measure for doll eyes

Please note: Eyes come in pairs.

To purchase eyes, either use the shopping cart or email me your order at:

All doll eyes in stock. Prompt postage.

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doll eyes
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dolls eyes
brown doll eyes
doll eyes

About Secrist 'Real Eyes' Brand Dolls Eyes


Real Eyes doll eyes have the tiny little details in the iris that you would expect to see in a real newborn.

You can see the twinkle in the baby's eye even with this dark iris. That's because there are very faint hints of color through out making Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes come to life in a way seldom see in doll eyes. Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes have an actual lens over the iris of each eye to magnify the light coming in to the pupil, just like a real newborn baby's.

Made from Optical Grade Polymer

Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes look like they are made of glass but have the strength of polymer. That's because they are made of the same optical grade polymer that eyeglass lenses are made from. You can actually see the magnified light reflect in the eyes just as you would with a newborn.

Oven Safe

Real Eyes Brand Doll eyes are oven safe up to 130 degrees celsius for a 20 minute bake cycle in polymer clay doll sculptures, or vinyl dolls painted with Genesis Heat Set paints.

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