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How to wash doll's hair

If the doll has a fabric body, tape a plastic freezer bag or similar, around her neck before you start washing. It is a good idea to waterproof the eyes too. I put cotton balls on the closed eyes, then some masking tape across to keep the water out of the eyes. Rinse the hair in lukewarm water being extremely careful to keep water out of limbs, eyes, body etc. Apply a small amount of shampoo and work through.

How to wrap a doll in plastic to wash hair.

Rinse hair in clean lukewarm water and pat with a towel to remove the bulk of the water. Place dry towel around the doll's shoulders. Comb into the style you want it to dry in and leave the hair to dry naturally.

How to curl doll's hair

When dry, dissolve a tablespoon of hair conditioner in a mug of water. Dip the comb in the mug of water and comb the segment you wish to curl, to dampen (not wet) the hair and then put the curler in. Small curlers give a tighter curl, big curlers give a looser curl. In the photo below, you will notice I used the small curlers for the fringe and the bigger one everywhere else.

curling a doll's wig

I left the curlers in for 1 whole day – it can take longer for the hair to dry, depending on how wet you made the hair.. The hair needs to be completely dry before the curlers are removed. Heat can damage the hair, so leave to dry naturally.

When I pulled the curlers out, I pulled them down to try and keep the curl a bit like a sausage curl. If you want the curl to stay in the form it comes out of the curlers, don't brush it, but neaten it up by wrapping it or combing it around your finger.


I have found that you get significantly less tangles while removing curlers in a downward fashion, if you use the foam curlers, although I like the plastic curlers better. The longer the hair, the more possibility of tangles with the plastic rollers.

how to curl a dollie wig
curling a doll wig

Look at my curls

curly dolls wig

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