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How to get rid of old hair.

Gluing is the most common way of attaching wigs, but for fabric dolls, sewing is an easier option.

Attaching to vinyl, plastic etc using glue

glue for doll wigs

The glue I use for attaching wigs, is Selleys’ "All Fix" – "Sticks just about anything to anything" – dries white and can be cleaned up with water before it sets.

I have used the Selleys’ All Fix glue many times and for many years. It has worked well and is easier to manage than solvent clean-up glues. If Selleys’ All Fix gets on something, it’s easier to remove – it’s water wash–off while wet. All Fix has provided the best bond to vinyl, of the glues I have tried so far.

Selleys' All Fix is available from Coles, Woolies, Bunnings etc.

Please note I make no claim to be an expert at applying wigs. The below technique works for me, but I make no claims that this is the best technique.

Before and After

See the difference a new doll wig can make.


doll in old wig


doll in new wig

Thank you to Lauri, for permission to use the pics of her beautiful Pedigree doll.

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